Self Managed Super Funds Brisbane

Everyone is concerned about
saving for their retirement.
A Self-Managed Superannuation Fund
can put you in control of your
retirement destiny.

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SMSF Accountant Brisbane

What is a SMSF?

Superannuation is a tax effective and flexible structure to save for your retirement. Self-Managed Superannuation allows you to control the investment decisions for your Superannuation assets. A Self-Managed Fund run properly can also be more cost efficient for you in the long term. As a Trustee of your own Fund, Arrow Financial Advice has developed a service that meets the Tax and Reporting obligations of your Fund. This allows you to focus on the investment decisions that meet your goals and objectives.

Who would be suitable to manage a SMSF?

Your Self-managed Super Fund should be managed by a team of professionals which includes accountants and advisers who have experience handling financial and legal matters. People who want to have an SMSF must understand that there is an on-going responsibility to make sure their Fund is compliant with taxation and legal requirements to avoid non-compliance and penalties. Our team of SMSF accountants and advisers can help you with meeting your on-going obligations.

SMSF Specialists for Brisbane and Beyond

Our team of SMSF accountants and advisers can help you with meeting your ongoing obligations – whether you’re based in Brisbane or Balmoral, talk to us to see why we’re one of Queensland’s most trusted self-managed super fund professionals.

Our Sydney based organisation partners with Accounting and Adviser Services Pty Ltd and other SMSF accountants to give you the best service to manage your own Superannuation Fund. Our SMSF accountants will monitor your fund and will make sure it meets all the necessary compliance, taxation and administration obligations. Arrows’ Financial Advisors & Planners service a range of self-managed super fund clients from all Brisbane and Sydney metropolitan areas including Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool, Windsor; regional and rural New South Wales areas such as Batemans Bay and Merimbula. We also service clients across all Melbourne metropolitan areas, regional Victoria and Brisbane metropolitan areas including Ipswich, Maroochydore, Southport and regional and rural Queensland.

Brisbane Self Managed Super Fund 

Self-Managed Super Fund Brisbane is a perfect way to save money for your retirement.  The fund differs with other related funds in that as a member you are also a trustee. This means that you run the fund for your benefit and take full responsibility for adhering with super and other taxation laws in Brisbane.


When you become a member of the self-managed super fund, you should meet all reporting obligations. These obligations include making tax returns, providing financial statements, preparing and implementing an investment plan, perform independent audits and adapt to the changing needs.

What you need

To succeed, you also need good legal and financial knowledge. Some of the skills you need include understanding various investment markets, managing and building a diversified portfolio. You should create and manage an investment plan meeting your retirement requirements. Besides, ensure you adhere to tax and investment laws and regulations.

Self-Managed Super Fund takes money and time

It requires hard work to manage the fund. Even if you hire an expert to help, it still consumes a lot of time.  You need enough time to research available investments, set and follow a particular investment strategy, keep records and plan for annual audit by an accredited SMSF Accountant Brisbane. Some of the ongoing costs include auditing, legal advice, investing, tax advice, accounting and investing.